Sustainability Workshops

The Sustainability Academy is offering multiple half-day workshops this current program year:

Fixit Clinic
Home Compost Workshops
How to Grow and Use Herbs at Home
Creative Reuse and Repurposing
Food Preservation: Pickling, Canning, & More
Going Solar At Home
Volunteer Solar Installation Training


Please stay tuned for our next Fixit Clinic scheduled for the fall of 2018!

Fixit Clinics are community-based workshops where neighbors, friends, and families work collectively to learn how to repair broken items. We’ll provide a workspace, specialty tools, and volunteer Fixit Coaches to help you troubleshoot and provide routine maintenance to your household items and appliances!

Interested in being a Fixit Coach? It’s easy!

Fixit Coaches provide participants with:

  • Guidance on tools
  • Encouragement to investigate their broken item

Tips for Fixit Coaches

  • Let them talk about how they used it and how it broke. That often provides valuable hints as to what’s wrong.
  • See how much you can do without actually handling the item. Empower the item’s owner to do the troubleshooting and disassembly.

For more info about the Fixit Clinic or to find out how to become a Fixit Coach, contact Avana Andrade at or (650) 599-1459


Learn how easy and fun it is to recycle your fruit and vegetable scraps, leaves, and plant cuttings into compost in this free workshop! Compost provides valuable nutrients for your garden soil, helps retain moisture, which saves water, prevents erosion, loosens clay and compacted soils for better drainage, and suppresses weeds. It is rewarding to know you are turning what some consider waste into precious organic material for your garden.

Upcoming Home Compost Workshops:

No upcoming workshop dates available


This 3-hour, hands-on workshop allows community members to be able to grow, harvest and store herbal plants for culinary, household, and body care use. This workshop is additionally dedicated to sustainability and conservation. We cover how households can grow their own herbs using reuse materials, natural compost and water conservation practices, making it fun, affordable and successful! Snacks and refreshments are provided. This workshop is hosted in partnership with Collective Roots, Fresh Approach, and the San Mateo County Office of Sustainability.

Upcoming “How To Grow and Use Herbs at Home” Workshops:

No upcoming workshop dates available


Workshop attendees participate in an orientation session training them in the basics of solar, electricity, and construction. Afterwards, you are eligible to volunteer for solar installations, working together with SunWork’s small staff, attaching racking, running conduit, hanging inverters, and mounting the solar panels. Everything that makes a system tick. This orientation session is indoors in a classroom setting.

Upcoming “Going Solar and Volunteer Solar Installation” Workshops:

No upcoming workshop dates available


Learn about solar photovoltaic (PV) for your home. Understand the basics of solar PV, the economics benefits of going solar, the options you have and purchasing tips. Special focus will be on home owners with low electric bills averaging under $100/month.

Upcoming “Going Solar at Home” Workshops:

No upcoming workshop dates available


Contact our Sustainability Academy Coordinator, Avana Andrade at or (650) 599-1459