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This forum is a space for you to connect with your fellow peers in the YCA program and coordinate with your Community Impact Project team. Please use this forum to ask questions, explore ideas, discuss common challenges, share successes or lessons learned, and provide updates on your work throughout the year.

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Youth Climate Ambassadors Forum

Systems Analysis Research Projects
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Please post your final Systems Analysis Research Project in the thread under your YCA Staff Leads. In your post make sure to include: 1) Group # 2) Team member names 3) Project Topic 4) Link to final documentand slide deck (note: please include a link of your video in your final document)

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Staff Leads: Desiree & Mike

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Group #1 - Waste

Staff Leads: Marika & Sonia

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Group 9 - Energy

Staff Leads: Kamille & Zoe

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Group 12 - Food Syst...

Climate Change in the News
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What is going on with climate change across the state, county, and the world? Staying up to date with the latest climate science, policies, plans, and solutions is a great way to keep tabs on the progress of climate action. For this activity, you will find a current news item related to climate change that you find interesting, post it on the forum with a 2-3 sentence summary, and be prepared to share what you found during the next workshop.

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