Healthy ecosystems and biodiversity are fundamental to life on our planet. Climate change impacts many species across the world as small changes in average temperatures can significantly effect habitats, food sources, and entire ecosystems. The following YCA projects seek to protect and restore natural habitats as a strategy to increase green space and biodiversity in their local communities.

Native Plant Garden and Outdoor Education

Community Impact Project Leads – Finley Liquete and Rachell Kay (South San Francisco High School)

Project Description: For this project, Finley and Rachell chose to develop a proposal that would transform part of their school’s lawn area by into a native plant garden. The purpose of this garden is to create an outdoor seating area to support COVID-19 recovery in the form of outdoor classrooms. Learn more about Finely & Rachell’s project below.

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Native Plant Restoration

Community Impact Project Leads – Alex Koron, Brianna Johnson, Jasmine Standez, and Tyler Auton-Smith (Half Moon Bay High School)

Project Description: For this project, Alex, Brianna, Jasmine and Tyler sought to improve the health of local soil through habitat restoration in Half Moon Bay. These students worked with Coastside Landtrust, who provided our group with a small plot of land to restore. Students first cleared the land of invasive plants before planting native plants. Then they placed cardboard and mulch around the newly planted area as a way to keep plants moist for longer. Another component of their project was the creation of a documentary which follows the story of their restoration work and the people who worked on it. Learn more about this project and each group member’s role below.

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Read Tyler’s Case Study & Watch the Documentary

Living Green Wall Installation

Community Impact Project Leads – Lucie Lin (The Nueva School)

Project Description: For this project, Lucie aimed to raise awareness about biodiversity, sustainability, and carbon sequestration while improving air quality and creating “green spaces” indoors during the COVID era. The result of this project was the development of a mobile, indoor green wall. Learn more about Lucie’s project below.

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Creating an Environmental Club at Woodside

Community Impact Project Leads – Kalya Knupfer (Woodside High School)

Project Description: For this project, Kayla focused on creating a new environmental club at Woodside High School. The mpurpose of this club was to raise environmental awareness among all Woodside high school students. The club addressed environmental issues, promoted collaboration within their community, and disucssed ways to minimize ecological footprint. The first project as a club was be to create a native garden on campus. Learn more about Kayla’s project below.

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Native Plant Garden at Local Preschool

Community Impact Project Leads – Isabel Shinoki (Mills High School)

Project Description: For this project, Isabel focused on designing and installing a native plant garden at the entrance of Little Scholar Preschool in Millbrae. This project involved renovating the current gardening to include native plans, plus giving away seed starts to community members. The project also provided the clients and the children of a local preschool with information about the importance of native plants and encouraged them to plant native species into their own landscapes. These native plants will help to reduce the water consumption of the preschool and act as a interperative and education garden as there the native plants are labeled. Learn more about Isabel’s project below.

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YCA Biodiversity Community Projects

Native Plant Restoration In Half Moon Bay
Restoration site for YCA project in Half Moon Bay
Native Plants For Restoration Project In Half Moon Bay
Pilot Design For Lucie's Living Wall Project
Plant Species To Be Installed In The Living Wall
Woodside Environmental Club (Greenies) Propagating Succulents.
Isabel Planting Native Plant Species At A Local Daycare Center.
Site For Native Garden At Daycare Center.
Preparing Plants For Native Plant Garden.
Native Plant Display Garden