The type of food we eat, where it comes from, how it was produced, and where we buy our food products, all play a part in the climate crisis. This is because producing food requires natural resources, like land and water, and also generates greenhouse gas emissions during food processing and shipping. The following YCA projects are focused on creating sustainable food systems within their local communities. 

Sustainable Food: Meatless Mondays

Community Impact Project Leads – Adrienne Park (The Nueva School)

Project Description: This project worked to restore Meatless Mondays (for when students are back on campus at The Nueva School) and helped to educate the Nueva community about the effects of eating meat (during remote learning and beyond). In previous years the lunch system at the Nueva School followed Meatless Mondays in hopes of reducing the negative environmental impact of school meals. However, there was a lack of education around the positive impacts eating less meat brings, and thus many students were not receptive to the initiative. Learn more about Adrienne’s project below.

Read Adrienne’s Case Study

Feeding Sustainability Through Gardening

Community Impact Project Leads – Katinka Lenneman & Mira Bhatt (Carlmont High School)

Project Description: Katinka and Mira’s project set out to spread awareness about local gardening and composting as well as educating younger students on sustainable food systems. Together, they built a garden at a local elementary school and hosted three separate hands-on and socially distanced workshops with students to teach them about the impacts of climate change on our food systems and gain experience working in a garden. Learn more about Katinka and Mira’s project below.

Read Katinka’s Case Study
Read Mira’s Case Study

The Carbon Footprint of Our Diets

Community Impact Project Leads –Annika Kaval (Menlo Atherton High School)

Project Description: For Annika’s project, she worked to educate the people in her community about food production and what people can do in their daily life to combat climate change. To do this, she was able to secure a spot at the Menlo Park Farmers Market and set up a booth to start conversations with others around the environmental impact of the food we eat and also shared how our diets can be a big solution to combat the impacts of climate change. Learn more about Annika’s project below.

Read Annika’s Case Study


YCA Food Community Projects

Effects of Meat Infographic
Seedling Sprouting In School Garden
Compost Bins Installed At School Garden
Annika At The Menlo Park Farmers Market
Planter Bed Being Painted During Educational Workshop
Building A Planter Bed For School Garden
Planting Seeds During A Workshop
Planting Seeds During A Workshop
Mira And Katinka
Annika Talking With Others At The Farmers Market
Garden Bed Installed At School
Annika At Menlo Park Farmers Market