Active Transportation

The Bay Area has some of the worst traffic conditions in the state, and driving to work, school, and errands each day can have negative impacts on your health, your wallet, and the environment.  Luckily, with only a couple of small changes, you can make a big impact. By changing at least one trip to walking or biking, you can improve your health, save money on gas and vehicle maintenance, and prevent the release of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Our Biking in San Mateo County Brochure has helpful tips in English and Spanish to make your ride safer, easier, and more fun!

The County’s Active Transportation Program supports policies and programs that reduce traffic congestion and encourage more bicycling and walking. The Office of Sustainability staffs the County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and oversees bicycle and pedestrian education and encouragement programs.

Annual San Mateo County Bicycle and Pedestrian Count

The National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation (NBPD) Project is a nationwide effort to provide data collection and ongoing data for use by planners, governments, and the general public. The goal is to provide accurate and consistent documentation on usage and demand, and encourage investments in transportation modes other than the private automobile.

Thank you to all the volunteers that participated in the 2018 count! Stay tuned for count results. In the meantime, check out the interactive map of the 2016 and 2017 results! Email or call 650-599-1420 with any questions.

San Mateo County Bikeways Web Map

We want to hear from you! We developed the San Mateo County Bikeways Web Map as a tool to collect public input on existing countywide bikeways, and are now using it to collect input for the Unincorporated San Mateo County Active Transportation Plan. Visit to provide input about biking and walking destinations, barriers, and routes.

Sustainable Transportation Encouragement Program (STEP)

The Sustainable Transportation Encouragement Program (STEP) is an Active Transportation Program grant funded through the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) from Fall 2016 to June 2019. The County partnered with Redwood City 2020, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, and Siena Youth Center to provide Safe Routes to School activities, bicycle education, and walking and biking encouragement events in North Fair Oaks. Resources coming soon!

County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

The San Mateo County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (SMCBPAC) reviews policies, programs and priorities in unincorporated areas of the county to improve walking and bicycling. Committee members talk to residents to get their input on walking and bicycling issues. The feedback we get from you allows us to make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors. Let’s work together to make San Mateo County a better place to walk and bike!

The SMCBPAC meets on the third Thursday of even numbered months at 7:00 pm at San Mateo City Hall, Conference Room C (wheelchair accessible). San Mateo City Hall is located at 330 West 20th Street in the City of San Mateo.

Meeting Date Meeting Materials
June 20, 2019Meeting Agenda
April 18, 2019Meeting Agenda
Presentation: Unincorporated SMC BPMP
Crystal Springs/Skyline Blvd Materials
February 21, 2019Meeting Agenda
December 20, 2018Meeting Canceled
Cancellation Notice
December 12, 2018Meeting Agenda Packet
Presentation: Bicycle Projects on Altschul Ave and Skyline Blvd
SMC Unincorporated Areas and BPAC Member Roles
Draft BPAC Work Plan 2019
October 18, 2018Meeting Agenda Packet
Presentation: Planning and Funding Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure
Presentation: Peninsula Open Space Trust Public Access Program
August 16, 2018Meeting Agenda Packet
Presentation: South San Francisco Bike and Pedestrian Projects
Presentation: Annual Bike and Pedestrian Count
BPAC Work Plan Monitoring
June 21, 2018Meeting Agenda Packet
Presentation: Multimodal Parallel Trail Project
Presentation: Gray Whale Cove Crossing Project
April 19, 2018Meeting Canceled
Cancellation Notice
February 15, 2018Meeting Agenda Packet
Presentation: BPMP Grant Application for Unincorporated SMC
December 13, 2017Meeting Agenda Packet
October 19, 2017Meeting Agenda Packet
Presentation: Update from County Dept of Public Works
Presentation: Complete the Gap Trail Project
August 17, 2017Meeting Agenda Packet
Presentation: Dumbarton Transportation Corridor Study
July 10, 2017Meeting Agenda Packet
Presentation: County Project Submissions for C/CAG TDA Article 3 Funds
June 15, 2017Meeting Canceled
Cancellation Notice
April 20, 2017 Meeting Agenda Packet
Presentation: Office of Education Safe Routes to School
Presentation: Parents for Safe Routes
February 16, 2017 Meeting Agenda Packet
Presentation: Sand Hill Road/280 Bike Lane Improvements
January 19, 2017 Meeting Agenda Packet
Presentation: San Mateo County Health System's Collision Report
Presentation: Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition's Vision Zero Initiative
October 20, 2016Meeting Agenda Packet
Presentation: San Mateo Countywide Transportation Plan
Handout: Santa Cruz Ave Parking Restrictions
Handout: Public Comments on Santa Cruz Ave Parking Restrictions
Handout: Santa Cruz Ave Bike Collision Hotspots
September 29, 2016 Meeting Agenda Packet
Presentation: 2016/2017 Work Plan
July 14, 2016 Meeting Agenda Packet
Presentation: Brown Act Training
Presentation: Office of Sustainability Overview
Presentation Committee Administration and Purpose
Presentation: Active Transportation Overview