Shift: Employee Commute Benefits

Shift is San Mateo County’s Employee Commuter Benefits Program.  Our goal is to help employees reduce commute stress, cut commute costs, engage in healthier habits, and minimize the County’s contribution to traffic congestion, local air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. Over the past 20 years, Shift has helped employees get out of cars, curb millions of pounds of pollutants from being emitted into the air, and reduced millions of vehicle miles of travel on Bay Area roads.

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Our Main Programs

Shift operates two primary commute programs, Commute Cash and the Transit Subsidy.  Employees are allowed to pick one of these two programs to engage in.

Commute Cash

Employees who are able carpool, bike, or walk to work, can earn $2 per day (about $500 per year!) for each day that they log a trip in one of those modes. This money is added directly to employee paychecks. Commute to work, log your trips at least once a month, and earn cash rewards!

Instructions for receiving Commute Cash:

    Transit Subsidy

    Shift offers County employees up to $150 per month to cover the costs of vanpooling, paratransit, bike and scooter share, or taking the bus, train, or other mass transit to work! This money can only be spent on transit products.

    Instructions for receiving the Transit Subsidy:

      Our Other Programs

      Employees can utilize as many of these programs as they’d like