Shift: Employee Commute Benefits

Shift’s goal is to reduce the use of single-occupancy vehicle commuting and expand options for employees in getting to their workplace – reducing commute stress, encouraging healthier habits and new connections among employees, and minimizing the County’s contribution to congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.

Shift does this by providing cash subsidies to San Mateo County employees who telework, or who commute by public transit, vanpool, carpool, bicycle or by walking, as well as by providing resources for an Emergency Ride Home program, carpool-only parking facilities, and bike lockers.


If you are a San Mateo County employee and would like to know more about these programs & services, click here to access the Shift Sharepoint site (you’ll need to log in with County credentials).


If you are prospective employee, or are just interested in what we do, see the links below.


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