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North Fair Oaks intersection

The Final Study Report, Study Appendices, and General Questions and Responses are available under the Study Documents section. 

North Fair Oaks Bicycle and Pedestrian Railroad Crossing and Community Connections Study

The County of San Mateo is working on the North Fair Oaks Bicycle and Pedestrian Railroad Crossing and Community Connections Study to assess the potential for a pedestrian and bicycle railroad crossing over or under the Caltrain tracks, making it easier to walk and bike in North Fair Oaks and part of adjacent Redwood City. The Study will also explore potential bicycle and pedestrian improvements on local streets in North Fair Oaks that provide connections to the new rail crossing and local destinations on both sides of the tracks. The Study team seeks to develop a community-guided plan that reflects the priorities of the North Fair Oaks community and defines a path forward for implementing the improvements. The Study team includes County staff, community organization Nuestra Casa, and consultants.

Why are we conducting this Study?

The North Fair Oaks Community and part of adjacent Redwood City is separated by the four-track Caltrain Railroad Corridor. The railroad tracks separate residents from local destinations that include, but aren’t limited to, community facilities and services, schools, shopping, and local bus service. There is a need for enhanced and connected bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

According to the Unincorporated San Mateo County Active Transportation Plan (ATP), North Fair Oaks has both the highest potential demand for walking and biking and the highest concentration of bicycle and pedestrian collisions per square mile of all San Mateo County unincorporated communities. Making streets easier to walk and bicycle on and making it easier to get to destinations with a new bicycle and pedestrian railroad crossing could help reduce collisions.

The Study aims to create options for a new pedestrian and bicycle crossing that brings the following benefits to the community:

  • Access: Improved access for people walking, rolling, and biking across the rail corridor and nearby neighborhoods.
  • Safety: Safer and well-lit public spaces that are comfortable and inviting for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Equity: Improvements for people traveling without a car that reflect community priorities and achieve local and regional sustainability goals with no housing displacement.
  •  Community Design: Sense of community through attractive public spaces, public art, and structures.
  • Constructability: Minimal construction impacts on the community and feasible project budget.
Timeline of Study starting in 2022 going into winter of 2024. 2022 focuses on existing conditions and development of alternatives, 2023 includes preferred alternatives and a draft study with the final report being published in winter 2024.

The Study area is located within the unincorporated community of North Fair Oaks. The boundaries of the Study area are Middlefield Road to the north, 5th Avenue to the east, El Camino Real to the south and the unincorporated County/Redwood City limit to the west.

Option A Dumbarton Avenue Tunnel is shown in purple. Option B Dumbarton Avenue Bridge is shown in blue. Option C Middlefield Junction Bridge is shown in orange. More details are available in the “Crossing and Community Connection Options” PDF attachment under Study Documents.

Map of study area in North Fair Oaks showing the Caltrain corridor.

Looking to provide feedback on this Study?

Outreach Events

We thank community members that engaged with us during the first two phases of outreach in summer 2022 and spring 2023. Shared feedback on travel needs and priorities, as well as the three rail crossing options with potential bicycle and pedestrian improvements on local streets, is being used to inform the Study.  The Phase 1 and 2 Engagement Summaries can be found under Study Documents. The following is a table of completed community engagement activities.

    Completed Events
    Phase 2
    Wednesday, April 19, 2023Familias Unidas Virtual Presentation
    Friday, April 14, 2023Verbo Family Services, 2789 Bay Road
    Wednesday, April 12, 2023Open House at Casa Circulo Cultural, 3090 Middlefield Road
    Monday, April 10, 2023Mi Tienda Market, 812 5th Avenue
    Monday, April 10, 2023Jornaleros Labores, 3282 Middlefield Road
    Friday, April 7, 2023Hoover Elementary School Cafecito Presentation, 701 Charter Street
    Thursday, April 6, 2023Sequoia Adult School Presentation, 3247 Middlefield Road
    Thursday, April 6, 2023Siena Youth Center,
    2625 Marlborough Avenue
    Wednesday, April 5, 2023Casa Circulo Cultural, 3090 Middlefield Road
    Saturday/Sunday, April 1-2, 2023Neighborhood canvassing on the north/south sides of the Caltrain Tracks
    Sunday, April 2, 2023Verbo Church, 2789 Bay Road
    Thursday, March 30, 2023Willow Market, 37 Willow Street
    Monday, March 27, 2023Jornaleros Laborers and Samaritan House Free Clinic, 114 5th Avenue
    Friday, March 24, 2023North Fair Oaks Library and Fair Oaks Community Center, 2600 Middlefield Road
    Friday, March 17, 2023 Fair Oaks Health Center Community Day, 2710 Middlefield Road
    Phase 1
    Friday, July 8, 2022St. Anthony's, 3500 Middlefield Road
    Tuesday, June 30, 2022Chavez Supermarket, 46 5th Ave
    Tuesday, June 28, 2022Mi Rancho Supermarket, 150 Charter Street
    Saturday, June 25, 2022Siena Youth Center, 2625 Marlborough Ave
    *Note: This is a combination pop-up at the start of the event followed by a community bike ride. To learn more and to register, visit:
    Friday, June 24, 2022Willow Market, 37 Willow Street
    Thursday, June 23, 2022North Fair Oaks Community Council Virtual Presentation
    Wednesday, June 22, 2022Familias Unidas Virtual Presentation
    Wednesday, June 22, 2022Verbo Family Services, 2798 Bay Road
    Wednesday, June 15, 2022North Fair Oaks Library, 2510 Middlefield Road
    Monday, June 13, 2022Chavez Supermarket, 3282 Middlefield Road
    Saturday, June 11, 2022Casa Circulo, 3090 Middlefield Road
    Saturday, June 11, 2022Hoover Park, 2100 Spring Street

In the meantime, you can continue to share thoughts, comments and ask questions by sending us an e-mail at:  

This Study is being made possible through a Caltrans Sustainable Communities Grant as part of a financial partnership between the County of San Mateo and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).

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