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Water, a lifeline for all, faces unprecedented threats from climate change. As the global climate rapidly changes, precipitation patterns are altered, evaporation rates are increasing, and overconsumption exacerbates this crisis. YCA students are taking action to safeguard our precious water ecosystems, forging pathways to sustainable stewardship in the face of climate uncertainty in San Mateo County. The following YCA projects are focused on advocating for better water management practices and education within their local communities. 

Water Justice Education throughout San Mateo County

Community Impact Project Leads – Danielle D. (St. Ignatius School)

Project Description: In this project, Dani worked to educate her community about local watersheds including creeks, lakes and the ocean to provide better awareness on the impacts of climate change on our freshwater resources. Dani created and shared informational graphics on social media to spread the word in your community. 

Read Dani’s Case Study

Water Conservation Education and Awareness at Aragon High School

Community Impact Project Leads – Kaz O., Konstantinos P., Zelda R. (Aragon High School

Project Description: In this project, students planned and implemented an education and awareness campaign to community to their peers about sustainable water usage and the importance of conversing water locally and globally. They put their completed tips and tricks along with the heavily researched sources for their water conversation project on a website. 

Read Kaz’s Case Study

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Read Zelda’s Case Study

Salinity Testing on the coast of San Mateo County

Community Impact Project Leads – Oliver C., Anjuli M., Noor Z., Ellie L., Camille C. (The Nueva School)

Project Description: In this project, students tested multiple sites on the coast of San Mateo County to understand salinity levels and overall water quality. They completed this project in partnership with San Mateo County’s Resource Conservation District to ultimately inform residents and those who rely on local water supplies for access to clean water. 

Read Anjuli’s Case Study

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Read Ellie’s Case Study

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Read Oliver’s Case Study

Greywater Advocacy for San Mateo County Residents

Community Impact Project Leads – Nicholas Chen (Carlmont High School), Parsa Zaheri (Menlo-Atherton High School), and Tara Krishnan (Carlmont High School) 

Project Description: In this project, students built awareness throughout San Mateo County residents in installing or updating greywater systems at home, starting the conversation at local farmers markets throughout Earth Month. They also used this opportunity to reach out to local businesses like Stanford Shopping Center and Hillsdale Mall to encourage greywater system implementation at these community gathering spots. 

Read Nick’s Case Study

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Storm Drain Investigation at Aragon High School

Community Impact Project Leads – Bruno Faoro, Leo Buss, Jasper Gan

Project Description: In this project, students helped raise awareness and develop a shared curiosity about storm drains and water pollution on campus. They hosted an in person event that involved walking around Aragon High School to assess the state of storm drains and make water pollution a real issue in people’s minds. 

Read Bruno’s Case Study

Read Jasper’s Case Study

Read Leo’s Case Study


Community Impact Project Leads – Kendall Hsieh and Samantha Ishikawa (Hillsdale High School)

Project Description: For this project, Kendall and Samantha sought to create a demonstration living wall to explain how interconnected our ecosystems and climate change are. The planned and implemented the installation of this living structure and have more students getting involved at their school to maintain this display. The living wall was selected as a sustainable and water conscious option to communicate the benefits of getting creative with climate solutions.

Read Kendall’s Case Study

Read Samantha’s Case Study


Community Impact Project Leads – Kaitlyn Menjivar-Esquivel (Terra Nova High School)

Project Description: This project involved the creation of an educational brochure on the marine life and coastal environment in Pacifica, CA. The brochure also shared ways to take care of the environment and how to keep it safe and clean for wildlife and is planned to be distributed on walking paths near the coast. Learn more about Kaitlyn’s project below.

Read Kaitlyn’s Case Study


Community Impact Project Leads – Connie Gong, John Cinque, Jessica Liu, and Michael Chong (Carlmont High School)

Project Description: For this project, students planned to install rain barrels at Carlmont High School. Additionally, they hosted an art contest open to first through sixth graders across the county to promote education in youth about the water cycle and water conservation. Learn more about the team and their projects below.

Read Connie’s Case Study to learn more about the art contest

Read John’s Case Study

Read Jessica’s Case Study

Read Michael’s Case Study

To learn more about the team, the art contest, and the rain barrel project, please visit this website!


Community Impact Project Leads – Olivia Ciaravino and Syna Mehra (Crystal Springs Uplands High School)

Project Description: This project installed a rain barrel in the Crystal Springs Uplands School garden. Water captured in the rain barrel will be used to water the vegetable garden on campus. The project also included a social media campaign, using both their green team club’s Instagram and their school newspaper to spread awareness about water sustainability at Crystal Springs Uplands High School. Learn more about this project below.

Read Olivia’s Case Study

Read Syna’s Case Study


Community Impact Project Leads – Janice Yung, Kylie Chan, and Maram Ahmed (Mills High School)

Project Description: For this project, Janice, Kylie and Maram developed a proposal for installing rain barrels to harvest rainwater on their school campus (Mills High School). They also created a campaign throughout to educate students and faculty about the importance of this project and the positive impact rain barrels will have on local water resources. Read more about this project below.

Read Janice’s Case Study

Read Kylie’s Case Study

Read Maram’s Case Study


Community Impact Project Leads – Jackie Nassiri (Menlo Atherton High School) & Georgie Rauls (Carlmont High School)

Project Description: For this project, Jackie and Georgie sought out to educate the public about water sustainability. This group did that by creating multiple social media platforms to reach out to Bay Area locals. It also included a plan and implementation of educating people on water sustainability and how to improve their water conservation in everyday life. Learn more about this project below.

Read Jackie’s Case Study

Read Georgie’s Case Study


Community Impact Project Leads – Anahita Asudani (The Nueva School)

Project Description: For this project, Anahita created a call to action which encouraged folks to engage in trash clean up in local waterways. Through her “Backyard Trash Bash”, Anahita educated others about the importance of picking up waste from our natural spaces and how our trash negatively impacts local water systems. 

Read Anahita’s Case Study

YCA Water Community Projects