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Energy and Water, Home Electrification

Home Electrification

Switching from conventional gas appliances to electric appliances can help save money, reduce indoor air pollution, and reduce carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. The most common natural (methane) gas appliances to electrify are hot water heaters, space heaters, stoves, and clothes dryers. Planning ahead for appliance installations can reduce inconveniences (like no hot water) when equipment fails. Most gas water heaters, for example, last only 8 to 12 years, so if you are looking to switch yours from gas to electric, be ready to put in a heat pump water heater before it fails.

The Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) provides rebates to help you switch your appliances from natural (methane) gas to electric. Rebates are available for heat pump water heaters, high efficiency heat pumps to replace the load of an air conditioner and furnace, an induction electric range or cooktop, and a heat pump clothes dryer. BayREN also offers rebates for energy efficiency measures like insulation and duct sealing so you get the whole package for your home. Learn more at or contact a Home Energy Advisor for a free consultation: 866-878-6008.

Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) provides additional rebates to help electrify your home. PCE’s rebates for heat pump water heaters can layer on top of BayREN incentives: To get started, visit or contact a Home Energy Advisor for a free consultation: 866-878-6008.

The Switch is On is a statewide project of the Building Decarbonization Coalition in partnership with BayREN, Peninsula Clean Energy, and 10 other agencies, to help you navigate the transition to 100% clean appliances. Visit to learn more and access helpful resources. Powered by Electrum The Switch is On Campaign now offers free help to homeowners trying to electrify. This resource includes information on Heat Pump Water HeatersHeat Pump HVAC systems and a pdf on Induction Cooking.

If you’re considering replacing natural (methane) gas equipment and would like to talk to someone who has done something similar, check out the Electric Home Ambassador Program launched by Fossil Free Buildings in Silicon Valley. After filling in their online form, you can be matched with a volunteer ambassador for personalized advice based on their experience electrifying their own home. 

Induction cooktops cook food efficiently, and they also improve indoor air quality compared to gas stoves. There are a few programs that allow residents to loan cooktops and try them out for free. The City of Burlingame offers a loaner program that includes both an induction cooktop and a compatible frying pan, and San Carlos Green also offers a program for residents of San Carlos and surrounding unincorporated areas. In addition, Acterra hosts plant-based induction cooking classes.

The Sustainability Department developed 10 case studies highlighting costs and strategies to decarbonize existing single-family homes. The case studies include energy efficiency; heat pump water heating, space heating, and clothes drying; induction cooking; solar; battery backup; and electric vehicle charging. The case studies also quantify the costs and/or savings of electrification over time for the homeowner. View case studies.

In the spring of 2021, the Sustainability Department conducted a research project to understand the building permit processes and costs for the installation of heat pump water heaters in existing single family homes. The final report detailing the findings and recommendations is posted here: 2021 San Mateo County HPWH Permit Project Final Report.

With assistance from Presidio Graduate School (PGS Consults) and funding from BayREN, the Sustainability Department convened a multi-stakeholder group to map out the challenges of decarbonizing existing single-family homes and identify opportunities for regional collaboration. We hosted focus groups with homeowners and contractors to uncover barriers and inefficiencies. After coming to a clearer common understanding of the complex system that governs home carbon emissions, the stakeholder group agreed on four, regionally coordinated actions that are believed to have the most significant impact. The final report detailing the project findings and next steps is available here: Systems Mapping Project Final Report.

In addition to the programs and resources previously discussed. There are numerous comprehensive guides to help you electrify your home. Rewiring America published in December 2021, Electrify Everything in Your Home; A Guide to Comfy, Healthy, Carbon-Free Living. Redwood Energy provides a contextualized, San Mateo County perspective in A Pocket Guide to All-Electric Retrofits of Single-Family Homes published in February 2021.