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case studies of costs for decarbonizing single family homes

Case Studies: Costs for Decarbonizing Existing Single-Family Homes

Ten homes in San Mateo County took a deep dive into what it would cost to decarbonize. The recommendations accommodate the different features of each home. The specific recommendations for each home can be found in the downloadable Cost Plans. The goal of the participating homes is to be able to cap their gas lines.

About Building Decarbonization

Building decarbonization is the removal of all fossil fuel appliances in a building. High efficiency electric appliances replace the gas apparatus. To make the most of these upgrades it is recommended to install rooftop solar (at $0.05–0.10 per kWh) which makes all-electric home conversions affordable. Battery backup systems make all-electric homes reliable during grid outages.

Why Electrify

It is necessary to meet all energy needs with clean renewables. Peninsula Clean Energy does just that by providing 100% carbon free electricity to residents of San Mateo County. This enables a quicker transition from fossil fuels. Electrifying your home enables homeowners to make the most of a clean grid. A home free of gas appliances will have cleaner air indoors and out. You’ll save energy, save money and lessens hardships faced from climate change/damage.

decarbonized single family home infographic by City of Palo Alto Utilities

Ample Space to Electrify

Most homes do not use the majority of their panel capacity, leaving significant room for homes to upgrade to all electric appliances without upsizing their panel. If a home is under 2,000 square feet a 100amp electrical panel should suffice and it is unlikely that an electrical panel needs an upgrade. Understanding what appliances work best for your panel size is essential in avoiding up to $5k in unnecessary electrical panel upgrades. Panel optimization favors power-efficient devices with low rated amps. Panel optimization also provides a roadmap for building owners and helps guide tradespeople.

all electric 100 amp home 2000 square feet electrical panel infographic