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For Businesses and Multifamily Owners

What do these regulations mean for your business or apartment/ condo?
  • Businesses and apartment/ condo complexes (of five units or more) are required to subscribe to and participate in their jurisdiction’s organics curbside collection service; or
  • Self-haul organic waste to a certified facility, certified community composting program, or other collection activity or program or facility as long as records of receipts and weight tickets are kept.
  • Educate your tenants
  • Food establishments must have clearly labeled indoor containers for staff/customer use
  • Certain businesses will be required to participate in an edible food recovery program.
  • Low population area businesses will still be required to recycle organic waste if the garbage service is over two yards

Note: Businesses may be granted a waiver and exempted from some requirements if they can provide documentation and evidence to support one of the waiver options. More information about waivers in our Organics Collection Waiver section below.

Organics Collection Waiver

As of January 1, 2022, all businesses are required to subscribe to compost and recycling collection services, unless they have an approved waiver or an alternative service (such as back-haul, self-haul, shared service, or third-party service provider) or they are located in a low population area (see map).

There are two types of waivers offered:

  1. Minimal generation waivers (De Minimis) 
  • Total solid waste collection is more than 2 cubic yards per week, and the amount of organics generated is less than 20 gallons per week.
  • Total solid waste collection is less than 2 cubic yards per week, and the amount of organics generated is less than 10 gallons per week.
  1. Physical space waivers
  • Physical space constraints prohibit the addition of compost and recycling containers.

Customers with an approved waiver will not be required to subscribe to compost and recycling service for a 5-year period.

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