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San Mateo County Sustainability Department Schools Program


The Sustainability Department Schools Program has a lot of different games that test your waste reduction knowledge and teach you how to protect the environment while having fun!

Online Games

Pathway of Stuff online game

Pathway of Stuff (Online Version)

In this online game, you will learn about the waste management system and follow the pathways that garbage, recyclables, organics, and reusable stuff follow as they travel from our towns and cities.

PLAY  Password: oos360 Carts online game Carts Game (Online Game)

Test your knowledge of which materials go in your blue recycling, green compost, and black garbage carts in the RethinkWaste service area.


Board Games

Email us at to get any of the games below to play at school or at home!

4Rs Board Game


Make decisions about waste reduction and the waste management system in order to move through the winding pathway from start to finish.

Video: How to Play This Game!

Where Does it Come From and Go board game

Where Does it Come From and Go?

In this graphic organizer game, fill in the spaces by determining what natural resource a waste item is made from and where it goes when it’s time to let it go!

Video: How to Play This Game!

4Rs Board Game

Pathway of Stuff

Follow the pathways of garbage, recyclables, organics, and reusable stuff after they get picked up and moved from our homes, schools, parks, and businesses.

Game of Floods

Game of Floods

Developed by the County of Marin, the Game of Floods is an educational game on sea level rise adaptation.