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  • Coleman and Ringwood Avenues intersection

Coleman and Ringwood Avenues Transportation Study

What’s New: Take the Survey!

We have launched a survey and map tool and we need your input! We know many people travel on Coleman and Ringwood Avenues every day – and we want to better understand how you use these streets to inform development of potential improvements. Take the survey here or at the orange link above!

About the Study

Many people travel on Coleman and Ringwood Avenues every day – to get to work, to attend school, to run errands, and to meet their daily needs. In the past, stakeholders have highlighted concerns about street safety, accessibility, and the need for improvements. This study will review how people use both corridors and engage stakeholders to understand their transportation needs and vision for each street. 

The goal of this study is to identify a conceptual street design developed with community input and engagement for Ringwood and Coleman Avenues that improves transportation, safety, and mobility for all roadway users. The study is intended to serve as a guide to the County of San Mateo, City of Menlo Park, and their partners to implement future street changes, if supported by the community and each jurisdiction’s leadership.

The study will: ­­­

  • Review existing transportation conditions on both corridors,
  • Develop and evaluate potential street designs, and
  • Recommend a preferred alternative and future actions.

At every stage of the process, community input will play a critical role in shaping the recommended improvements.

What is the Study Area?

The study area consists of Ringwood Avenue between Bay Road and Middlefield Road, Coleman Avenue between Willow Road and Ringwood Avenue, and the surrounding streets connecting to Coleman Avenue and Ringwood Avenue. While the study will only make recommendations for Coleman and Ringwood Avenues, potential adverse impacts, if any on connecting streets, will be taken into consideration as well.

Coleman and Ringwood Avenues transportation study location aerial map

Why is the study needed?

Over the last two decades, the City of Menlo Park and County of San Mateo have conducted a series of studies that described walking, biking, and safety needs on Coleman Avenue and Ringwood Avenue. These included the 2021 Unincorporated San Mateo Active Transportation Plan, the Menlo Park Transportation Master Plan, and the Menlo Atherton High School Expansion Study.

 The 2021 Unincorporated San Mateo Active Transportation Plan designated bicycle facilities on both streets and both were listed as priority pedestrian destination areas.  Similarly, the Menlo Park Transportation Plan recommended bicycle lanes on Coleman Avenue.

This earlier work demonstrated that people often choose to walk, bicycle, and drive along both streets, and that both serve as important connections to community destinations. This study will build on previous efforts and conduct a detailed review how both streets can meet and balance the transportation needs of all corridor users, with a focus on the safety and comfort of all community members, no matter which mode they choose. Both streets present a variety of travel challenges and opportunities, and this study will address them in detail.

There are several schools located within the study area that will benefit directly from improvements to Coleman and Ringwood Avenues. Both streets are key connections for students traveling to and from school. For students, walking and bicycling to school can:

  • Help improve health and fitness, which can be a factor in boosting academic performance
  • Create opportunities to mitigate the impacts of climate change
  • Help address historical inequities in transportation infrastructure and policy.

How is the study funded?

This study is jointly funded by the County of San Mateo and the City of Menlo Park.

Study Timeline

This study will take about 18 months, kicking off in Winter 2021/2022 and concluding in Summer 2023. Community engagement will inform the technical analysis and recommendations in each stage of the study.

Project PhaseKey questions for community input
Phase 1: Project initiation and existing conditions (Winter 2021/2022 and Spring 2022)How can we make it better for everyone traveling along Coleman and Ringwood Avenues? How do you currently travel along the corridors? What is your vision for the future of these streets?
Phase 2: Development of draft street design alternatives (Summer and Fall 2022)Which draft street design alternatives should be studied? What are your priorities for improvements?
Phase 3: Selection and refinement of preferred alternative and development of Draft Study (Winter 2022 and Spring 2023)Which street design alternatives should be refined into preferred alternatives? Does our Draft Study reflect your vision and priorities?
Phase 4: Final Study (Summer 2023)Does the Final Study meet your needs?

Get Involved

We are planning community engagement events and we need your input – stop by our pop-up events below to chat with project staff and share your thoughts, values and ideas around how to make Coleman and Ringwood Avenues safer for all.

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